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Satisfied Owners. Happier Pets.

Kelly got our 10-year-old Lab mix to get along with our new puppy and debunked the myth that “you can’t teach old dogs new tricks”. She’s also helping us raise our English Mastiff to be a good boy. They love her, and so do we!

Luisa Bonnin

Dogs of the world go see the best trainer ever!!

 Pamela Sperbeck

I contacted Kelly and I’m so glad I did! She came to the house and our Golden Puppy responded immediately and only after two sessions is much more obedient and responds to commands. Kelly does a great job of training the owner too! I highly recommend Kelly to anyone interested in helping train their dog!

Mike War

Even took on my special needs dog with mega-esophagus. She is a great trainer will highly recommend her.

 Jerry Mcnair

Kelly is the best! Dogs love her and almost respond instantly to her command.

 Kirsten Brownlee

Who would have thought a 13 year old dog would learn new “tricks”. Well Kelly had no problems teaching our LeLu commands she needed on our road trip.

Renae Roelofs

Kelly is an amazing Trainer! Her fur babies really are her extended family members! Sawyer gets so excited when she comes and he gets to train with her! I recommend her to everyone! If you want the best for your fur baby and want someone that generally cares for your precious fur baby, you want Kelly!

Mary Dreyer

Kelly is the BEST. She has an amazing talent and LOVES the dogs! She is the dog whisperer for Virginia!

Karen Jean

Kelly worked with us and our 8 month old pup Ben. She is such a natural! Loved how she taught us to train Ben! And loved all the pointers she gave us for day to day. Would Highly recommend Kelly!!

Debbie Kleinman

Kelly is great! She trained Amos at 16 weeks then we enrolled him in the advance training! It’s been 3 1/2 years and he STILL responds to her when we see her! Its also amazing when your dog responds to verbal commands! Call Kelly! She teaches you how to handle your dog!

Diane Vacca

Kelly is working with my 8 month old, my Shepherd has done wonderful with her.

Wayne Rutherford

Kelly is an absolutely amazing trainer! My parents and I have each trained our dogs with her and she does an exceptional job! Your pup will thank you!

Nick Busch

Kelly is wonderful! She had our pooch learning all commands extremely quickly and is genuinely caring.

Kara Parker

Kelly is a great trainer!

Marie Taylor

Kelly is doing an awesome job training our dog Josie. They bonded right away and she responds and respects Kelly. She does a great job explaining what she is doing and has taught us so much about our dog!

Mary Goodman

Our dog has the absolute best social skills at home and in public and we owe it to Kelly with her guidance. Everyone who meets Buster comments on how well behaved he is 🐾💕🐾💕

Kathy Davis

Kelly has been fantastic to work with. We have a very spirited 1 year old pinscher/pug mix who just adores her and we have learned so much from Kelly over the past few months. She takes the time to not only show us how to correct a behavior but also to understand what might be behind the behavior so we can better understand our pup. She's helped us cover the basics from "stay" to more challenging skills such as walking off leash. I highly recommend Kelly and just cannot say enough good things about her and her training style.

Stacey Nicole

Kelly is the absolute best!! We used her for our last Great Dane. He was the best behaved dog ever after training with Kelly. We now have a new Great Dane puppy and are going to use her again!!!🐕🐕🐕🐕

Donna Smith

We’ve been working with Kelly since we adopted our dog 3 years ago. Any time we have an issue, Kelly is great about fitting us into her schedule and helping in just a few sessions. When we recently had a new baby, I knew that Kelly would help our dog adjust to the new baby so we could avoid problems down the road. Now the two are great friends! I recommend Kelly and Happy Tailz to all of my friends who need a dog trainer.

Samatha Mabe

We met Kelly 4 years ago when we bought our 4 year old Springer. She helped me train him and prepare him to pass his CGC. We just recently rescued a 2 year old Springer who had been "trained" by an 8 year old girl. As soon as we got our Wild Child home, we knew that we had to call on Kelly again. You would not believe the positive changes in Chloe's behavior. Every time I start doubting my ability, Kelly helps me by suggesting an alternate behavior or an adjustment of some kind that helps me help Chloe understand. She has an excellent way of seeing the big picture so that we have a positive outcome. She is the first person to consider when you want to train your furry family member.

Sharon Collins

Kelly made training so much fun. I think I learned more than the Penny though🤣

Ed Barden

We trained with Kelly at Petco. We have a high energy boxer with a personality. Kelly was patient with all of us and Blitz is still doing well. I'm looking forward to working with her this summer for some advance training!

La Tisha Pegram

I had a difficult time with my two year old lab mix. I have had her only for a couple of months and it looked like we were not going to bond. She ignored me most of the time. Walking her was difficult because she wanted to chase every squirrel, deer and duck she would see. When we met other people walking their dogs she would jump on both of them. She would not listen when I tried to reign her in. A lot of times I came back from our walks almost in tears and totally discouraged. She dragged me and more than once i fell. I was at a point where I just didn’t want to walk her anymore. Kelly was my last hope. The first session with her gave me my hope back. Kelly showed me how to be a more confident dog parent. While I learned how to control some of my dog’s annoying little antics I was still skeptical if I would ever be able to walk her without falling, tripping and running behind her trying to slow her down. I followed Kelly’s instructions to keep my dog next to me. Our first walk was a total success! At our next session we did a couple of small commands like Sit, Stay and Come. My dog caught on quickly as I followed Kelly’s instructions. I was surprised how easy it was! The best part actually happened after Kelly had left. My dog followed my command the very first time I asked her. Also she laid right next to me with her head on my leg. We bonded!! It felt like my dog was saying, “ I am so glad that you finally understand me”. We cannot wait to see what else we can accomplish with the help of Kelly. I am super excited to get more lessons.

Martina Deprospero

Kelly is so sweet and the best

Helen Holt

Can’t recommend enough. She has helped so much with my Sunny!

Mallory Brennan

Kelly is PHENOMENAL! We met Miss Kelly when my now 2 1/2 year old black lab mix, Tempe, was a puppy and she did some training with Kelly at a different location. She loved her and listened so much better to Kelly than to me. Kelly is energetic and LOVES dogs and their humans. When I follow her training, Tempe is an ANGEL!
During our last training session, we walked by the pond in our neighborhood and wanted to see if Tempe would be interested in cooling off. Attached to a 100 foot rope, Kelly ROLLED UP HER PANTS and got into the water to help encourage and get Tempe comfortable with the water. So, add "teaching dog how to swim" to her list of things she excels at! She will go the extra mile for her clients and she is a complete treasure. I look forward to our next round of classes where we attempt to tame the wild 6 month old puppy we have and get him some better manners. Thank you Kelly for loving and training our animals.

Angie Mann

Jayden 1_edited.jpg

Happy Tailz Mascot (Jayden)

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